Does my cat need a microchip?

Although all cats should wear an ID collar with tags, especially if they are allowed outdoors, a microchip is highly recommended for an additional layer of safety. Tags can come off or become unreadable, while a microchip lasts for a lifetime. Lost cats with microchips are up to 20 times more likely to be returned home than those without microchips. If your cat is lost and turned over to a veterinarian or animal shelter, he will be scanned to determine the unique microchip ID number, which is then called in to the pet recovery service to obtain your contact information.

A microchip insertion takes only seconds, and causes no more pain than a vaccination. It typically costs less than $50. After having the microchip inserted, it is registered within a database. The initial registration is included in the price of the microchip. Just update your contact information in the database whenever you move or change phone numbers, and your cat will continue to benefit from the protection of the microchip.

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